8 Tips to Find Your Family History

There are some situations when the family you belong can be the only help. It is therefore good to know your family history in terms of where you came from and who your closest family members are. However, for some reasons, you may have to work hard to get such information.

To avoid much straining, consider the following tips:

Consult your elders

There are higher chances that your elders will know the history of your family. Engage them with questions just to shade some light for you so that you can be able to connect what you see today and what there are telling you. If the story is true, you may be able to understand why things happen the way they are today in your life.

Carry out a DNA test

Now, how sure are you that the people you are calling mum and dad are actually your biological parent? Definitely, you may not know. Before studying the history of your family from the current ‘parent’ first you got to be sure that you are taking the right root. It is possible to associate your study with a family history which is so far from you.

Proper record keeping

Once you decide that you want to find your family history, you have to keep records. This is because you may have to do different fact-finding in which not in all cases will you find the same results. At the end of the search, you might have to take the most related information and leave the rest. Unless you record every finding, you may end up forgetting and most probably dwell in something which is not the fact. Some journals may indicate chronic back pain home treatment used by your grandparents or vitamins, illnesses and so much more. 

Search online

Well, this fact is most effective if you come from a family which is outgoing in terms of social influence or leadership. There are many genealogical databases you would make use of to call it a success. For instance, ancestry.com would be significant in giving you information about your lineage. However, if you don’t have information here, you can move to the next tip.

Use the social media

Today, social media tends to the answer to many questions. You can use your facebook account to connect with people who probably have the best information about your family. You may be advantaged to get somebody you are distantly related to but who have done the history search. With this, your search may be simpler.

Engage professional genealogist

Although you will have to pay for their services, it would be an advantage to do so especially if your family history is a bit complicated. They look for any hint and conduct a research about the hidden family histories. In most cases, they offer dependable information.

Manage your expectations

At times, just when you opt to seek the history of your family, you may get into some information that in the case is true, you would rather stop the search. For instance, if you realize that your grandmother was a witch; chances are high that you may lose the interest in doing the research. Whatever the results at a given point, take it as it is and continues.


Being at one point but get the whole information may sound better. However, at some point, you may have to travel to many places which are linked directly to your family history. By going to such places, you are most likely to get dependable information. Do not be too lazy to travel if there is a need.